Important Security Tips

How to protect against online crime and tricksters


s Identity-App – double security for your Internetbanking

The new s Identity-App makes your login into your Internetbanking even more secure. And it makes the authorisation of transfers and orders even smarter. Activate your s Identity-App for Android and iOS now – just download the app and switch for free.

  • Highly secure with 2-factor authentication
  • Simply faster with the "One-Click Wonder"
  • More comfort with no SMS text messages

Important rules for your safety, device usage and operational stability of Internetbanking

  1. Open your Internetbanking only via verified webpages of Erste Bank und Sparkassen.
  2. Protect your login information against access by third parties.
  3. Check the order data very carefully as part of the approval with s Identity.
  4. Only release logins and orders in s Identity that you have initiated or entered yourself. 
  5. Keep your technical devices secure by means of software updates and antivirus programs, including your smartphone.
  6. Check the devices activated for s Identity in George at regular intervals.
  7. For maximum operational security and stability use modern and updated browsers form well-known provider in order to use the functions and services properly. 
  8. For Android smartphones, be sure that in the settings under “Security”, “Verify apps” is activated and “Unknown sources” is NOT activated.
  9. Take seriously all notifications in the Security Center and security warnings in Internetbanking.
  10. Take seriously all notifications in the Security Center and security warnings in Internetbanking.
  11. Use our secure communications channel s Kontakt.

Paying on the Internet

Phishing (theft of data)

How do I recognise correct e-mails from Erste Bank und Sparkassen?

Erste Bank und Sparkassen send e-mails to customers and people who have subscribed to a newsletter. This is how you can find out whether an e-mail really comes from Erste Bank und Sparkassen:

Check the sender of the e-mail

We always send our e-mails with the senders oder …

Fraudsters could still fake the e-mail sender. If an e-mail seem suspicious to you or another e-mail address is displayed, please forward the email to

Check the destinantion address (URL) of a link

Look carefully: What is the destination address? Are there any typos in the URL or are there too many letters? For example, is the URL (wrong!) instead of

The websites of Erste Bank and Sparkassen are accessed via an encrypted connection. This is shown in the browser by the lock symbol. Do not enter any data on unencrypted websites.

If you receive suspicious e-mails or newsletters

  • Don't answer them
  • Don't click on links
  • Don't open any attachments

Please forward suspicious e-mails to

Paying with Bankomat and Credit Cards

SB Lobby

Help in the Event of an Emergency

Quick help in the event of fraud, loss of card, or theft of data.

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