27th May  2020 – Phishing mails are circulating and fraudsters are trying to come into possession of your login data to Internetbanking

Using phishing mails fraudsters are still trying to come into possession of your login data to Internetbanking with the pretense of “wichtige Kundeninformation!” (important notice) referring to an update of the s Identity app that needs to be performed until a certain deadline.

Do NOT follow such instructions!

In fact you will be forwarded to a fake George login page to get into possession of your login data.
The activation for s Identity will then be started. Or - if you are already using s Identity - a new activation code for activating an additional device should be generated.

  • Do not click any link from fake emails.
  • If you are already using s Identity: Please read the information provided in s Identity (for login and signing) carefully and never sign any transactions that you have not started on your own.
  • Never forward TAC codes sent via SMS to third parties or enter TAC codes at fake websites.

If you should have received such a fake email please forward it without any comment to fraud@s-servicecenter.at and delete it immediately afterwards.

If you should have announced any data or do have any questions, turn immediately to the help desk at our s ServiceCenter by calling: 05 0100 – 50200.

We are here for you any time!

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