Current Warning

Warning of November 20th 2021

Fraudsters trying to come into possession of login data to Intenetbanking in order to activate a new device

Fraudulent phishing mails are circulating with „Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Angaben“ (please check your data) or „Passwort auf Grund mehrfacher Verwendung falscher Zugangsdaten deaktiviert“ (password deactivated due to wrong/problematic usage). Those mails include a link/button with the instruction to login.

This way you will be led to a fake login page where fraudsters are asking you to login.
A valid s Identity activation code is then created which you are asked to send to the fraudster. Either as a screenshot upload or via manual input or email.

Do NOT follow such instructions!
Erste Bank and Sparkassen will never ask for your personal login data or instruct you to transmit activation codes.

  • Do not click any link from fake emails and do not enter any data.
  • Please read the information provided in s Identity (for login and signing) carefully and never sign any transaction that you have not started on your own.
  • If you should have received such a fake email, please forward it without any comment to and delete it immediately afterwards.

Have you mistakenly disclosed your data?

Contact the help desk at our s ServiceCenter by calling: 05 0100 – 50200. We are here for you any time!

Samples of phishing emails and fake pages.

Warnings at a Glance

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