Current Warning

Warning of September 21st 2023

Beware of calls from fake bank employees   

Currently, there is an increasing number of fraudulent text messages and calls from fake bank employees claiming that your s Identity app needs to be "updated" or that "fraudulent transactions" have taken place which "can only be reversed with your help". The criminals can also use "caller ID spoofing" to simulate telephone numbers of Erste Bank or Sparkasse - so don't be fooled by a possibly familiar telephone number!

What really happens  

In reality, these claims are made up and the calls do not come from us. In fact, they are fraudulent attempts to get you to authorise outgoing transfers. The claim that a fraudulent transfer has previously taken place is simply a pretext to get you to authorise it quickly and rashly.

How you can protect yourself  

Erste Bank und Sparkassen will never contact you on unprotected channels such as email, phone, WhatsApp or SMS and ask you for s Identity authorisations for updates, transfer cancellations or the like.  

If we need your attention for an important message, we will only use our secure messaging function "s Contact" within George!

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