BEWARE of fraudulent apps (e.g. QR Code Scanners)!

Please read the following warning: Currently, there is a new and particularly dangerous scam wave with fraudulent apps that you should be aware of. Apps that camouflage as harmless QR Code Scanners or similar services are trying to access your phone and sensitive data, including your internetbanking details. Once installed, these apps constantly run in the background and take control over important phone functions. As soon as you open the George App, for example, they are trying to spy and steal your data without you even noticing it.

Please be careful and protect yourself:

  • Install your Apps ONLY from the official Google Play Store/Huawei App Gallery. Never trust an unknown app source.
  • Even when using Google Play Store/Huawei App Gallery: watch out for suspicious hints such as low download numbers and bad ratings.
  • After installing an app, don’t grant it permissions that are not absolutely necessary. A simple QR Code Scanner should never get access to your contacts, device memory or the telephone as such.
  • Most modern smartphones already have a QR Code Scanner fully integrated in their camera. Before installing an additional app, crosscheck if you really need the promised functionality.
  • Beware of apps asking for unusual permissions such as accessibility tools or device administration.
  • Use the George app’s own Security Check regularly (go to “Profile”)

Please also scan the existing apps on your device. It’s very easy using the Google Play Store App:

  • Open your profile in the Google Play Store App.
  • Go to "Play Protect".
  • Run a scan of your device.

Warnings at a Glance

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