Current Warning

Warning of April 21st 2022

Fraudsters try to use selling platforms (i.e., "") to obtain card data and s Identity approvals in order to make payments

Recently, people who want to sell something on the "" (or similar platforms) have been increasingly asked to provide their card details (debit card/s credit card) and to confirm the sale via s Identity.

The purpose is:

The sellers are told that in order to be able to receive the money from the sale, they have to provide their card data and complete the transaction by using s Identity.

However, the purpose is not to pay the purchase price but to debit an amount from the seller´s card.

The fraudsters often try to shift the communication for these transactions to other platforms (e.g. “Whats App”) and to put the seller under pressure with several messages/requests.

Please be careful when passing on card details.

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