s Identity

Login and authorisation for George and apps

  • Install and activate the app on your smartphone
  • No more SMS
  • George may still be used on all devices

App instead of SMS. Login to George with top security standard using s Identity app and be even faster when signing orders!

You may use:

  • George with browser
  • George app,
  • Quick Check app on your smartphone

and authorise the login and the George order with your s Identity app.

The main advantage: Manual code entry as with TAC-SMS is no longer necessary.
Simply install s Identity app on the device of your choice. We recommend to do so on your smartphone. No matter where you may then use George as always on all devices – on PC/Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Start the s Identity activation in the settings of George Web ("Login & Signing") and simply download the s Identity app for Android and iOS on your smartphone. Or download s Identity for MAC/PC if you want to use the desktop application.

Your advantages

Simply more convenient and faster with the "One-Click Wonder"

Just confirm with just one click
Login and authorization are confirmed with one click in s Identity. No SMS code readout, no mistyping, no self-locking after incorrect entries.

Many orders, one authorisation
Collective authorisations in George Web even more comfortable than before. Sign up to 25 transfers or 15 direct debits with one signature. 

Starting instead of waiting 
No more delayed or even not at all delivered SMS text message. Or timeouts because you need to look for and locate the cardTAN generator first (in case using cardTAN method).

More information at signature
More information in your s Identity-App or s Identity-Desktop application about what exactly you are signing.

Use s Identity on the device of your choice
You may use s Identity on your smartphone or on your PC/MAC desktop computer. It’s your choice where to install s Identity to authorize login and signing of transactions. Of course it’s as well your choice where to use your internetbanking: using PC/MAC, App or even with mobile browser on your smartphone. Just one example: You are using George with your PC/MAC and s Identity-App on your smartphone.

You sometimes forget your device at home? And you want to be on the safe side if your smartphone or notebook gets lost or stolen? You may then use dual-mode and activate both s Identity-App AND s Identity-Desktop.

More comfort with no SMS text messages

Internet instead of telephone connection
With push messages (if activated), the s Identity-App on your smartphone will guide you comfortably to the right click.

One user, several smartphones
Unlike with TAC-SMS, several smartphones or PCs/MACs can be authorised – always protected by your personal PIN code. 

Several authorisation numbers, one s Identity-App
s Identity-App or s Identity-Desktop can be registered for and employed by several users – of course with a separate code for each of them. For couples and families.

Highly secure 

Putting an end to password phishing
With s Identity, your internetbanking login is re-executed in a doubly secure fashion every time. No more passwords that third parties may spy out. 
A TAC-SMS can be diverted, your s Identity is unique.  

Double security through 2 separate components

  • The technical tie between the s Identity and your smartphone or PC/MAC (factor ownership) and your user number AND 
  • safe access with a freely electable PIN code (factor knowledge)

Most modern security standard
Together make up the 2 independent components of your s Identity: genuine 2-factor authentication according to the provisions of PSD2 (Payments Service Directive 2), RTS (Regulatory Technical Standards) and SCA (Strong Customer Authentication).

Available settings in s Identity-App settings

Double approval
You want to be asked again before approval? No problem! According to the motto „Are you sure …” you may activate a second confirmation for approving in s Identity.

(De)activate Notification
Delivery of notifications when using s Identity-App may be deactivated here. The s Identity-App then has to be opened actively.

Device name
All devices linked to s Identity are displayed in the George settings. If more than one device is linked to a s Identity-App you may choose a name for your devices for better identification (e.g business mobile phone, private mobile phone etc.).

This is how s Identity is activated and how it works

Activating s Identity method and s Identity

Start switching to s Identity method in George’s setting via PC/MAC(small wheel symbol) at “login & signing”.

At the end of the activation process in George an activation code is displayed on screen that is needed to finalize the process in s Identity-App on your smartphone or s Identity-Desktop on your PC/MAC – dependent on which mode you have chosen to use.
You may install the s Identity-App on your Android or iOS device or the s Identity-Desktop on your PC/MAC before you start switching to s Identity method in George.

The activation process is shown in a short video (sorry, German only!) or download the tutorial "switch from TAC-SMS to s Identity" (currently German only, English will be available soon.)

Login with s Identity

As soon as you have activated s Identity, you can forget your previous password, you will no longer be needing it. After activating s Identity, you will NO LONGER be able to return to the old login method based on your user number and the previous password.

  1. Enter your user number on the digital banking login page and click "Start Login".
  2. If you have activated push messages in the s Identity-App (recommended), s Identity will send you a login message – please open it. If using s Identity-Desktop you have to open s Identity manually.
  3. Confirm the opening of s Identity with your s Identity PIN code.
  4. Check the accuracy of the login information using the verification code displayed. If the data does not match or you are unable to trigger login, please call our 24-hr helpdesk immediately.
  5. Confirm the login directly in s Identity.
  6. You will be logged into the desired internetbanking application automatically.

Authorisations with s Identity

If you activate s Identity as an authorisation method, this will simultaneously change your login method for George, George-App and all other Erste Bank and Sparkasse internetbanking applications that you use with this user number. Login will now take place using s Identity too.

  1. Start your authorisation in George, George-App or a different app as accustomed, e.g. for authorisation of a transfer.
  2. If you have activated push messages in the s Identity-App (recommended), s Identity will send you an authorisation message – please open it. If using s Identity-Desktop you have to open s Identity manually.
  3. Confirm the opening of s Identity with your code.
  4. Check the accuracy of the data for your authorisation in s Identity. If the data does not match or you are unable to trigger an authorisation, please call our 24-hr helpdesk at 050100-20111 immediately.
  5. Confirm the authorisation in your s Identity ("One-Click Wonder").
  6. George or the app in which you started the authorisation process will display a success message.

This is what you will need for s Identity

For the smartphone app

  • Smartphone with Android or iOS with internet access.
  • Android version 4.4 or later
  • iOS version 10.3 or later

This is what you need for s Identity-Desktop

  • PC / Notebook with operating system Windows
  • Mac / MacBook with MacOS

A current account with Erste Bank oder Sparkasse.

Your personal login data for George

In order to use the app, you need your personal login data.

Download s Identity for free

Depending on which device you like to use for s Identity you may find the respective download links to the current version of s Identity. Special hint: In order to activate s Identity for the first time you’ll need an activation code. You may get this code on screen when switching to s Identity method in George’s settings! Or you may receive your printed activation code at your branch.

s Identity-app for your smartphone

Available for iPhone, iPad und iPod touch with iOS 9.0 or later.

Available for smartphones and tablets with Android 4.4 or later.

s Identity desktop application

Directly download s Identity-desktop for MacOS.

Directly download s Identity-desktop for Microsoft Windows.

You may even download s Identity as .zip.

Please note that other operating systems are not supported. Using Windows emulation for linux cannot be guaranteed.