Accounts & cards

Make payments whenever necessary – including cashless

We can offer you the right account and the right cards for every purpose, whether a current account, young person’s account, credit card, or prepaid card. And with George, you’ll benefit from the most modern online banking.

Current accounts

With George, Austria’s most modern banking

The most modern online banking is called George. To use it, all that you need is a current account with Steiermärkische Sparkasse. And you’ll experience your money from an entirely new side.

We have the right account for you:

  • Current account: Benefit from the s Komfort account for wages, salary, or pension
  • Student package: The account for students, with ISIC student discount card
  • Young person’s account: Our spark7 account is free for everyone up to age 20 – with many benefits

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Credit cards

Accepted worldwide

Shopping in the supermarket, at the petrol station, and on the internet? Booking flights, ordering tickets, reserving rental cars? With s Kreditkarten, you can make cashless payments – conveniently and securely.

Which card is right for you?

  • s Visa cards: Make cashless payments conveniently, upon request with travel insurance
  • s MasterCards: Accepted for payment around the world, including with PIN instead of signature
  • Prepaid cards: Rechargeable cash cards, for shopping, internet, or as a gift

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We’ll be happy to advise you.