Alternative Login- and signing methods

Internetbanking George for customers without smartphones

  • s Identity desktop for PC/Mac
  • cardTAN method with cardTAN generator

You do not own a smartphone or would rather use your PC/Mac for the login and authorisation of your orders in internet banking George?
Learn more about s Identity desktop or the cardTAN method.

How to activate s Identity desktop?

Please download s Identity application to your PC/Mac. Login to internet banking George and start the activation of s Identity in the settings at "Login & Signing". George will guide you through the process. At the end of the George process you see an activation code. Use this code to activate s Identity app on your PC/Mac.

How to use s Identity desktop

Login and signing with s Identity Desktop (German only)

This is what you will need for s Identity desktop

Download s Identity desktop for free

Your advantages with s Identity

How to activate cardTAN

How to use cardTAN

Signing a transaction in George using CardTAN (German only)