You have a new smartphone, unfortunately you no longer have the old one and hence you can no longer log into George.

Not a problem that cannot be resolved! You will need to install the s Identity app on your new device (download from the official app store) and then activate the s Identity app.

You need a new activation code to do this:

  • You can get this code at your institute’s branch, outside business even in the branches self-service area.
    Huge advantage: You may use the self-service area in ANY Sparkasse or Erste Bank. No matter if you are a customer of this specific institute!
    Tip: Please check our branch finder to find out which branch owns a terminal marked with “George” function where an s Identity activation code can be printed.
  • Or by registered mail after contacting the helpdesk at the s ServiceCenter.
  • You can delete the device's tie to your "old" smartphone in the branch office or after activating the s Identity app on the new smartphone online in the settings in George via PC/MAC.