Why should the option „push notification“ be activated and what happens when it is not?

Why do we recommend to use push notifications?
Even more comfort – when starting login or signing of a transaction you will get a push notification right away on your smart phone.

You then simply have to touch the notification and will be transferred to the s Identity apps login.

More security – in case more than one smart phone is linked to your user (e.g. when using the app on your private and company phone) the notification is displayed on every device.
If you get a push notification but haven‘t triggered the action you might be able to identify a potential fraud action and may set action (contact the helpdesk!)   

How to activate push notification?
You are invited to do so at the end of the app activation process (after app PIN definition).

If you want to activate push notification later on, no problem. You may activate the push notification any time in the app settings (small wheel).

Can s Identity be used without push notifications on your smart phone?
We recommend to use push notification for an even more comfortable usage.
In case the notification is not activated you need to open s Identity app manually and then log in.