Fraudulent Calls in the Name of Interpol/Europol

As reported in the media, scammers are currently making fraudulent calls in the name of Interpol or Europol.

The scammers are trying to intimidate their victims with false criminal allegations and demand that a money transfer is being made. In some instances they also try to make their victims install malicious software on their computer or apps on their smartphone in order to perform further fraudulent activities. 

Detailed information from the Austrian Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) and Interpol.

Do not follow the instructions of these scammers and quit the phone call.

In case you are personally concerned, please make a report at your local police office.

Did you already disclose (confidential) information on such a phone call? Do you have questions?

In these cases please contact our s ServiceCenter at: 05 0100 – 50200. We are always there for you.