Termination of QuickCheck app

As of 09.09.2019 full account information in George app only

Dear customer,
from 09.09.2019 George app will be the app to check your account balances and transactions, there you may as well manage your products. Quick Check app will be shut down and cannot be used any longer.

Not yet using George app? Switch now to our most innovative and smart George app!
Your watchdog notification from Quick Check app will be transferred to George. Your defined notes on transactions will be imported to George app a few days after Quick Check shut-down.

Easy Access is your preferred login method? No problem, you may use the same in our George app as well.

Please note:

- Friendbank function: Please note down all your Friendbank entries that are stored on your smartphone. As the Friendbank entries are purely stored on your smartphone, we cannot automatically transfer them to the George app. As soon as the QuickCheck app service is discontinued you won’t have access to the entries any more.

- ATM and branch finder will be available in the George app at a  later stage. You will be informed in our George app as soon as the service is available.

If you haven‘t installed the George app yet, download the app from your app store free of charge now!

Kind regards,

The Internetbanking-Team