Important changes to George watchdogs

from November 19, 2023, there will be changes to the following watchdog services:

  • Balance
  • Important stuff (e.g. failed transfers)
  • Securities price alerts
  • Securities order status

Email notifications only to contact email addresses 

Notifications via email can only be sent to an email address, that is stored in your contact details. If up to now a different email address was defined for a watchdog, the “Notification via email” setting had to be deleted. Please check your watchdog settings in George on the desktop in the “Notifications” menu (gear symbol) and, if necessary, set up the notification via email again.

Message via push instead of SMS

From now on, the watchdogs securities price alert and securities order status no longer provide information via SMS, but rather via push notifications, when a corresponding event has occurred. In George on the desktop, push notifications appear in the Contact menu (balloon icon) in the menue Watchdogs & Notifications.

Important: In order to receive push notifications via George App, you must allow George App to send push messages in the settings of your smartphone or tablet.

Overview of your securities price alerts

From now on, you can see the list of your active price alerts in the “Price alert” menu of your securities portfolio in George on the desktop. If the price limit has been reached and the notification has been sent, the price alert will no longer be displayed in the list.

Attention: Due to a technically necessary change, it may be, that individual price alerts could not be migrated to the new list. Price alerts, that have not been migrated, are inactive. This means you will not receive a notification when the price limit is reached.
If you had securities price alerts before November 19, 2023, please check the list in the “Price alert” menu and, if necessary, set up missing price alerts again.

If you have any questions, our colleagues at the George Helpdesk will be happy to support you.

Best regards
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