Placing exchange orders

Orders will be forwarded to the selected exchange from Monday to Friday 7.45 am to 10 pm. Orders that are placed out of our trading hours or out of exchange trading hours will be stored, checked and placed on the next trading day.

Please check and observe the status of your orders in your order book. Activate the free information subscription to receive a notification via email and / or text message upon execution, cancellation or rejection of your orders .

An order modification or cancellation request can only be executed as long as your order has not been fulfilled in the meantime. Therefore your modification or cancellation request is not confirmed until the order status "modification confirmed" or "canceled" is displayed in the orderbook.

The purchase and sale of securities is free of advice. Please inform yourself independently on trading hours and practices of the various trading venues.

When placing an order, the displayed order value is a value indication. The final order execution value can be different and can also lead to a possible overdraft on your settlement account. The execution value is only determined at execution time and depends on the development of the price and, in case of orders in foreign currencies, also on the foreign exchange rate . The order settlement value can be found in the order statement. If you want to specify a maximum execution price of your order, please select the order type with " limit ".

If, due to  technical reasons, the online order placement  is not possible, please call during our branch opening hours immediately your advisor to place the order by phone. Indication of securities portfolio number, portfolio name and user number is necessary. This is only possible for securities portfolios, that are activated for online trading.