Information on placement of orders

Welcome to your personal platform to buy and sell securities!

Once you have successfully activated George Online Trading, you can search for new securities, find information and data - and of course trade yourself.

My Online Trading is built upon the principles of simplicity and a smooth and intuitive handling, wherever I can, I try to keep all necessary forms as self-explaining as possible and to guide you step by step through your orders. I am happy to provide help and explanations and of course, you do understand that whenever you trade with securities, there are not only chances and opportunities but risks too.

In this help document, I shall concentrate on some general orientation in the trading menu as well as on explanations of important terms which you might stumble over when buying or selling stocks & co.

For any further questions or problems you might encounter, I gladly refer you to your personal advisor who most definitely will be happy to assist.

Searching Securities

The first step of buying securities is finding them via Search & Buy. I am offering access to stocks, funds, bonds, warrants and certificates, traded at all important marketplaces.

An overview of all available marketplaces can be found via the link Marketplace usances.

You can search for the following search criteria:

  • ISIN
  • Title/Name

To each found security I will provide the essential information, e.g. the marketplace and the current rate, the relevant risk hints for the respective securities type as well as product documents and product hints for the selected security.

More detailed information you will find in my Market data portal which you can also find in the Search and Buy menu. Charts, figures, news, developments, comparisons to other securities and lots of independent and reliable data are available for your well-founded investment decisions. In the Market data portal you will also be able to conduct a detailed research, e.g. for certain issuers, security types or industry sectors.

Buying Securities

As soon as you decided to buy a security, I will guide you through very few intuitive steps in the Search & Buy menu to the completion of your order.

Selling Securities

All securities that you own are listed in your Portfolio overview. You can create a selling order directly there at the respective position/title. It is as easy and self-explaining as buying securities and done within seconds.

Order Types

As easy and simple as the trading itself is, it is very important for you to know the right meaning of the available order types:

  • Limit: The selectable limit defines the maximum buying rate / the minimum selling rate for your trading order.
  • Market: This is an order without a defined limit for its execution. Please be aware that the actual execution quotation depends on the market development and may deviate significantly from the last available quotation at the time of your order creation. Under circumstances, this could lead to an overdraft of your settlement account.
  • Stop Market: Only if and when the stop limit has been reached, your order becomes an active "Market" order, i.e. without limitation of the buying/selling rate.

It depends on the selected marketplace and the up-to-dateness of the last available quotation, if an order can really be created as a "Market" order without limits.

Execution Restrictions (Vienna stock exchange only)

In addition, please note the following possible execution restrictions - both when buying and selling - that specify how the order is to be executed. They are possible for limit and market orders:

  • Fill or Kill: If an order cannot be executed immediately and completely, it will be deleted automatically by the stock exchange. Partial executions with different execution courses possible.
  • Immediate or Cancel: The order will be executed as far as possible. Parts of the order which cannot be executed will be deleted automatically by the stock exchange.

Trading Restrictions (Vienna stock exchange only)

Last but not least, there are certain Trading Restrictions available for "Limit" and "Market" orders (buying and selling), as long as you haven't selected any Execution Restriction mentioned above:

  • Auctions: The order will be executed only as part of auctions.
  • Opening auction: The order will be executed only as part of the opening auction at the beginning of the stock exchange session.
  • Closing auction: The order will be executed only as part of the closing auction at the end of the stock exchange session.

At an auction, all buying and selling orders for a certain securities title will be collected and compared at the time of the auction; the quotation will be created according to the "largest best execution" principle. The concentration of orders within an auction increases the likelihood of your order being executed.

Forwarding of orders

You can place your orders any time. I will forward them to the selected market place from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm (CET). Orders placed outside of these times or on non-trading days, will be noted and scheduled for transfer at the beginning of the next trading day or the accessibility of our trading partner.

If placement of a securities order is not possible due to a malfunction of my trading service, you are obligated to place the order by telephone with the responsible personal account manager immediately in order to mitigate damage. Upon indication of the securities account number, the securities account name, the user number and the user name. Outside of the branch office hours, you are obligated to contact the help desk (+43 (0) 5 0100 + bank code of the credit institution).

Your Order Status

You can find all details on the status of your order in the Securities Orders submenu of your portfolio as well as in the general order list behind the "list" symbol in my main menu.

As soon as you can see the order in the list, it means that the trading system of the bank has accepted it. Of course, you can follow all status changes, e.g. Execution, Cancelling etc.

As soon as your order has been executed and settled I will proved the respective Securities Statement which you can find in your portfolio menu.

Check and observe the current status of your orders.

Tracking order status easily using Watchdog

The watchdog “Order status” helps you to check and observe the current status of your orders. Activate the free Watchdog "Order Status", to receive an e-mail and/or SMS notification in the event of execution, cancellation or decline of your orders.

You can find the Watchdog in the menue "Notifications > Watchdogs > Securities general"

Changing and cancelling orders

In the menu "Securities Orders" you can request changes or cancellations related to pending orders. The requested change or cancellation of an order has only been executed once the marketplace has confirmed the change:

  • The order has only been modified once it is displayed with the status "open" and the amended order data.
  • The order has only been cancelled once it is displayed with the status "cancelled" in "Exeduted orders".

If, in the meantime, the order has already been executed, the change or cancellation requested is declined by the market.

The order history of an order shows details about its status history.

Settlement of securities orders

Euro-denominated orders that are executed by :00 pm on Austrian banking days shall be billed by the bank on the same day. 

To bill orders involving the conversion into a foreign currency, the regularly updated bid and offer prices shall be used. Current market developments can be viewed at " > Markets & Trends > Currencies". All orders executed after 10:00 pm shall be billed upon publication of the first exchange rate on the next working day

That's it!

Toi, toi, toi, as we say in Austria and good luck with your securities investments!



Important legal information:

You do your securities business in George without the assistance of advisory services, i.e. you act on your responsibility. Therefore, investor- or investment-specific advice or comprehensive risk disclosure shall not be provided – every product is associated with a different risk level and therefore, aside from the opportunities described, also involves risks. Illustrated market performance and sample calculations cannot provide reliable predictions about the future performance of a financial instrument. Past performance does not necessarily guarantee positive developments in the future. Business in financial products can be risky or speculative and may even result in a total loss. Generally, the lower the issuer's credit rating or the more complex a financial product is, the higher is the involved investment risk.

Prior to concluding a transaction, we recommend you make your own evaluation about whether the investment matches your personal situation and the goals you pursue and whether the typically inherent risks, product characteristics and product features are suitable for you. Your personal account manager will be happy to assist you with an advisory consultation.