Trading stock exchanges / stock exchange usages

This section provides important information about each available market place - from address details, trading hours and fees, to order entry and settlement. Click on a name to open the PDF file.

Austria / Germany

Vienna PDF (126 KB)
Frankfurt PDF (122 KB)
Berlin-Bremen PDF (123 KB)
Dusseldorf PDF (123 KB)
Hamburg PDF (125 KB)
Hanover PDF (124 KB)
Munich PDF (125 KB)
Stuttgart PDF (123 KB)
Tradegate PDF (117 KB)
XETRA Fft PDF (122 KB)


AMEX New York PDF (118 KB)
NYSE Arca PDF (119 KB)
NYSE New York PDF (118 KB)
Toronto PDF (114 KB)
Toronto TSX PDF (114 KB)

Asia / Pacific

Hongkong PDF (130 KB)
Singapore PDF (130 KB)
Sydney PDF (129 KB)
Tokyo PDF (118 KB)


Amsterdam PDF (115 KB)
Bratislava PDF (116 KB)
Budapest PDF (114 KB)
Euronext Brussels PDF (113 KB)
Helsinki PDF (129 KB)
Copenhagen PDF (116 KB)
Lissabon PDF (118 KB)
Ljubljana PDF (114 KB)
London PLUS M PDF (115 KB)
London LSE PDF (115 KB)
Madrid PDF (114 KB)
Milan PDF (114 KB)
Oslo PDF (114 KB)
Paris PDF (113 KB)
Praha PDF (114 KB)
Sofia PDF (115 KB)
Stockholm PDF (113 KB)
SWX Europe PDF (124 KB)
Warsaw PDF (115 KB)
Zagreb PDF (114 KB)

Securities List of Erste Group (WP-Liste EG)

You can buy and sell selected bonds (bonds, guaranteed bonds, structured products) via the market place “Securities list of Erste Group”.

The price displayed in the orderform is fixed and the order is executed immediately after the order has been placed. After the order has been signed with TAC or cardTAN, a change or the cancellation of the order is not possible. Cash Settlement: 2 days (different rules for new emissions possible)

The securities list of Erste Group is available to you on banking days from Monday to Friday between 09:00 am and approx. 17:00 pm.

Please note that the minimum investment per bond can be different.