Charity, Sponsoring and Corporate Social Responsibility

Sparkasse Oberösterreich has remained faithful to the charitable and social mission of the year of its foundation in 1849. For more than 170 years now, Sparkasse Oberösterreich supports and benefits following areas:

Youth and Sports

Sport is activity, acting instead of reacting, movement and development. All these criteria are a perfect match for sports sponsorship of Sparkasse Oberösterreich. Always in focus – the promotion of young people.

Arts and Culture

The support of cultural projects has always been an integral part in the sponsorship activities. With this commitment, Sparkasse
Oberösterreich brings culture to the people. Social Affairs

Sparkasse Oberösterreich supports many social projects and therefore has remained faithful to the founding mission, which was in addition to the required economic efficiency even connected to a strong social component.

Science and Research

Sparkasse Oberösterreich is in close cooperation with Johannes Kepler University, the Colleges in Steyr and Wels as well as with the Pedagogical University. Intensifying the transfer of knowledge from research into practice is a matter of special importance for us. That’s why we love to be partner in many projects and cooperations.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Economy and Social Affairs are not contradictory for Sparkasse Oberösterreich

Already in the founding statutes of Sparkasse Oberösterreich in 1849, great value was set upon the social mission of the financial institution. We were always “an institution for poverty provision" – a part of the profit is used for educational purposes or social housing.

A good example is the cooperation with the Red Cross of Upper Austria, which already persists for more than 100 years. A story of success that is characterized by sustainability, based on trust and reliability and which is long-term oriented.

Another focus of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of Sparkasse Oberösterreich is “Die Zweite Sparkasse”, which is a bank for people who are in great financial difficulties and would be left without an account without this initiative. The connection between social action on the one hand and economic work of the institute on the other hand means more for Sparkasse Oberösterreich than only support and benefit social concerns in Upper Austria. Entrepreneurial social responsibility has become an important part of our corporate strategy and therefore also boosts long-term success of Sparkasse Oberösterreich. That is why entrepreneurship and social responsibility are not in contradiction.

Sparkasse Oberösterreich also provides social transparency to its customers in the product range. For example, Ethical investment funds were added to the product range over a decade ago. The selection of companies and countries in those funds is based on strict ethical and social criteria.

Sparkasse Oberösterreich also takes its corporate responsibility for our environment, through the careful use of energy and the continuous improvement of energy efficiency. Encouraging the usage of renewable energy sources and providing sustainable and innovative banking products and services are fundamental for a consequent energy policy.

Furthermore, Sparkasse Oberösterreich has actively implemented measures to reduce energy consumption over the long term and to increase energy efficiency. Sparkasse Oberösterreichs energy policy actively involves all employees by awareness-rising measures on the one hand and by giving the opportunity to participate in the creation of respective policy on the other hand.