Interest cap warrants

Good instrument for limiting interest rate risks

Interest cap warrants

Good instrument for limiting interest rate risks

Interest cap warrants are securities used to hedge variable-rate loans. They allow you to limit your interest expense and make it calculable.

How does an interest cap warrant work?

Things to know about interest rate caps


  • The risk of interest rate changes is limited, making the interest expense easier to calculate.
  • Borrowers can continue to benefit from low interest rates compared to a fixed interest rate.
  • The maximum interest payment and thus the highest possible loan installment burden can be better calculated.
  • Interest cap warrants are available with different strikes, terms, and repayment schedules, suitable for all loans and can also be purchased for existing loans.
  • They can also be sold at the current market price.

Risks to be considered

  • The premium for the interest rate hedge cannot be refunded, even if the reference interest rate is below the agreed cap and it is not used.
  • The interest cap warrant does not provide 100% protection for the underlying loan, as the interest cap warrant repays in principal installments and the loan usually repays in lump sum installments. Furthermore, the interest fixing dates of the loan and the interest cap warrant may be different.
  • The interest cap warrants limit the interest rate risk, the credit margin is not hedged.
  • Investors bear the credit risk of Erste Group Bank AG, i.e., the risk of changes in creditworthiness or insolvency.
  • The security is not covered by any deposit guarantee scheme. Investors are exposed to the risk that Erste Group Bank AG may not be able to meet its obligations in the event of insolvency (illiquidity, over-indebtedness) or an official order (bail-in regime). There is a possibility of a total loss of the capital invested.
  • In the case of interest cap warrants with a forward start, the period until the start (e.g., December 31, 2027) does not provide any hedging, regardless of the development of the reference interest rate.

Important legal information

This information is provided for promotional purposes and is not an investment recommendation. This promotional information is no investment advice, and neither has it been prepared in accordance with the legal requirements for the promotion of independent investment research nor is it subject to any prohibition on dealing after dissemination of investment research.

These financial products are offered to the public in Austria. The final terms and the (base-) prospectus as well as any supplements form the relevant legal basis for this and are thus exclusively binding. Various regulations of the European Union and the Austrian Capital Market Act require a prospectus for these financial products: see Article 8 of the Prospectus Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 and the Commission Delegated Regulations (EU) 2019/980 and (EU) 2019/979. The issuer has prepared this prospectus and it has been approved by the competent authority of the home Member State. However, this does not mean that this authority also recommends the specific security. The law also requires a key information document ('KID') for specific products that are called 'packaged investment products' and defined in the PRIIPs Regulation. This key information document provides information on the main features of the financial product to which it relates.

Risk disclosure

Please note: Investments in securities present not only the opportunities described in the information provided but also risks. Future performance cannot reliably be predicted based on past market performance. We are not permitted, neither directly or indirectly, to offer, sell, resell or deliver these financial products to natural and/or legal persons (entities) who have their place of residence or, as the case may be, their registered office in a country where this is prohibited by the law. In such cases we are not allowed to offer any production information either. This applies especially to the US and to "U.S. persons" as defined by Regulation S under the Securities Act 1933 as amended.

N.B.: You are just about to buy a product that can be difficult to understand. Before deciding whether to invest, we recommend you read all the information available on the financial product you wish to acquire:

  • (base) prospectus
  • the final terms and conditions
  • any follow-on addenda and, where necessary,
  • the key information document (KID)

These documents are available for free at:
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Electronic versions of the documents are available as well:

Please also make sure to read our customer information sheet:

The performance scenarios described in the key information document are based on a calculation method stipulated by an EU Regulation. Future market developments cannot be predicted with certainty. Although the performance scenarios are based on returns made in the recent past, the performance scenarios only indicate potential returns. The actual returns may turn out to be lower than indicated.

The analyses we make and the conclusions we draw are of a general nature and do not take into consideration the individual investor's personal circumstances like experience and knowledge, investment objective, financial situation, loss-absorbing capacity or risk tolerance.

Conflicts of interest:
Erste Group Bank AG is affiliated with Erste Bank and Sparkassen.

Date: June 2023

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