Open your bank account digitally:
accelerated – simplified – paperless

s Geschäftskonto + Telebanking Pro

  • Immediate access to your Erste account
  • Instant issue of your IBAN
  • Direct access to Telebanking Pro

Opening a business bank account shouldn't take weeks of paperwork and calls. It has to be simple, convenient, and transparent, just like the start of a good (banking) relationship. And the good news is: you don't even need to leave your desk or office as you can open the account anywhere and anytime.


Automated data gathering

We automatically import required public company information so that you don't need to fill it in.

Flexible onboarding process

Take a break during the process and come back later: all your data are saved until you reach the finish line.

Fully digital KYC & ID verification process

Make sure to have your ID document ready. You will need it to proof your identity.

Collective signing

We offer single signing as well as collective signing, depending on your company's requirements.

How it works


Step 1: We will import your company data and ask you to provide some personal details.


Step 2: You will verify your identity. Make sure to have your ID document (e.g. passport, ID card) ready.


Step 3: Together with you, we will finalize your information regarding KYC, beneficial ownership, and taxes.


Step 4: You will sign your contracts digitally. It won't take more than a couple of minutes to create a qualified digital signature.


Step 5: Your account is ready to use! After having received your credentials, you can immediately log into your online banking account. You just need to finish the onboarding process first.

What you get


Yes, you will receive your IBAN and your credentials right after your onboarding process is finished and your account is ready to use. Depending on your company structure, it usually takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete all steps.

You only need your ID or passport, that's it.

Yes, in order to verify your identity, we will redirect you to our trusted partner IDNow. Please prepare your ID or passport.

In order to make your onboarding process more convenient and fully digital, we use qualified electronic signatures instead of handwritten signatures. From a legal perspective this is justa as equally valid. After just a couple of minutes, you will be able to sign your account opening documents anytime and anywhere - completely paperless. All you need is a computer with a webcam, a mobile phone, and internet access.

1. New-to-bank customers

2. Companies registered in the Austrian Commercial Register (Österreichisches Firmenbuch)

3. Active companies (out of scope are e.g. in foundation, bankrupt, closed)

4. Legal company representatives

You don't need your company register number to get onboarded. You only need your company name.

Yes, in case something goes wrong, you can come back and continue with the onboarding process at any time using the link to your onboarding process and the customer code that you will receive via email.

No, unfortunately you can't. IDNow can confirm your identity from Monday to Sunday between 8 a.m. and 12 a.m.

If legal representatives need to sign collectively, we will get this information from the Commercial Register. This will be considered in the process. The legal representative who initiates the onboarding process is the 'main signatory' and has to select and invite another legal representative as the second signatory. No worries, this is taken into account.

Your data is processed in accordance with the EU and local regulations on data protection and financial services. We exclusively employ Erste Group and its authorized sub-providers for processing services, making sure that you can enjoy your digital journey without worries.

No, our corporate onboarding process is completely digital and paperless. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy your seamless journey.

Our relationship managers are always happy to answer your calls. However, we put a lot of effort in designing an easy process. Therefore, no further guidance or support should be required. If you have any questions or if somehing remains unclear, you can contact our help center via phone or email. Just click on the icon at the bottom of the page.

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