The information on our websites are basically marketing communications or other information (according to the circular of the Austrian Financial Market Supervisory Authority for information to customers including marketing communications pursuant to the Austrian Security Supervision Act [WAG – Wertpapieraufsichtsgesetz 2007]) and not financial analyses as specified under § 36 para. 1 WAG. They serve as additional information for our investors and rely on the knowledge of the entrusted persons at the time of the editorial deadline. If it is not clear that this is a marketing message, the document is marked as a marketing message.

The marketing communications were not prepared in compliance with the legislation to promote the independence of financial analyses and are not subject to the prohibition of action following the dissemination of the financial analyses.

Other kinds of information that merely describe product features without highlighting product advantages, as well as information on general economic data (indices, and the like) do not constitute marketing communications, as long as information is foregrounded as the characteristic feature of the communications, and no immediate purchase incentives are set.

In addition, our websites also contain financial analyses (within the meaning of section 36 para. 1 WAG in conjunction with section 48f para. 1 no. 4 of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act [BörseG, Börsengesetz]), which are prepared by our department for financial analysis ("Erste Group Research") in compliance with all legal requirements. If it concerns a financial analysis, as specified above, this will definitely be designated in the respective publication as a financial analysis.

Our presentations, financial analyses and conclusions are of a general nature and do not take account of the individual needs of our investors in terms of income, tax situation, risk tolerance or suitability of the financial products. They do not replace a consultancy that is suitable for investors and property-related investments, nor do they offer a comprehensive risk assessment.

The performance figures and sample statements presented do not allow any reliable conclusions to be drawn with regard to future development. Indications of past performance do not guarantee positive developments in the future. Transactions with financial products may be risky (e.g. securities, futures, options, and others).

The information does not constitute investment advice or recommendation, nor offer a recommendation or invitation to tender for the purchase or sale of the aforementioned financial products or their inclusion in a trading strategy.

Since not every transaction is suitable for each investor, investors should consult their own consultants (especially legal and tax consultants) before completion. This ensures that the planned financial product meets the needs and wishes, and the risks are fully understood ‒ independent of the information provided.

The complete information (basic terms, conditions, WAG 2007 customer information) on the products of Erste Group Bank AG is available at the registered office of the issuer, Am Belvedere 1, 1100 Vienna, during normal business hours. Please refer to the "Complete Prospectus" for further information on the restrictions on the distribution of funds to US citizens.

In the case of distribution of issuances subject to the prospectus obligation pursuant to 2010/73/EC, we shall refer to the written consent of the issuer concerning the use of the prospectus.

The information derives from sources that we view as reliable and complete. We have carefully researched it and compiled it to the best of our knowledge, however, we do not accept any responsibility for its dissemination. Neither we, the companies affiliated with us, nor our employees, directors or other representatives, expressly or implicitly, assume liability for the timeliness, completeness and correctness of the content of the information given.

Furthermore, neither we, the companies affiliated with us, nor our employees, directors and other representatives are liable for any loss or damage of any kind (including consequential or indirect damages or loss of profit) caused by, or in connection with, access to our websites, their use, or reliance on the content of the information provided there.
Subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Last updated in February 2017.