s Kreditkarten – Assistance in the event of an emergency

For card locking or questions about card or statements:

Tel. 05 0100 - 50333
From outside Austria: Tel. +43 5 0100 - 50333

Donau-Versicherung hotline for questions about travel insurance coverage, air ambulance services, or reporting a claim:

Tel. 05 0330 - 72222
From outside Austria: Tel. +43 5 0330 - 72222

With your s Kreditkarte, you can easily make cashless payments and withdraw cash worldwide. When doing so, please remember the following security tips:

Watch where you keep your card. Don’t keep your s Kreditkarte in jackets or coats after you take them off or in unattended purses. Don’t leave your s Kreditkarte in a car after parking it. Always keep your card on your person!

Keep your PIN code secret. Don’t give your s Kreditkarte to others. Don’t disclose your PIN code to anyone. When making reservations or payments by phone or online, you don’t need to provide your PIN code.
With s Kreditkarten, you need to provide only the number and expiration date of your card, as well as in some cases the three-digit security code (on the back of the card next to the signature field).
When making payments at an electronic register and when withdrawing cash at an ATM, make sure that no one can see you entering your PIN code. Don’t accept the help of strangers when entering your PIN code.

Monitor your account movements. Review your monthly s Kreditkarte statement and your current card charges in netbanking. When you make a payment using your s Kreditkarte, you’ll receive a charge slip along with the receipt for your purchase. Please be sure to check that the two amounts are the same. Keep charge slips and purchase receipts until you’ve reviewed them against your monthly credit card statement. Don’t carelessly throw away charge slips but instead dispose of them in such a way that the data on them can’t be reconstructed.

Immediately have your card locked if it is lost or stolen. Immediately report the loss or theft of your s Kreditkarte to Erste Bank or Sparkasse. To do so, please call the 24-hour card-locking hotline: 05 0100 - 50333 (from outside Austria: +43 5 0100 - 50333). Tip: Store the number right away in your mobile phone.
Once the card has been locked, you’ll promptly receive a replacement card. If your locked card should turn up, please immediately destroy it by cutting it up.

Information about “phishing”
“Phishing” means attempting to acquire account data, card numbers, personal (access) codes, or passwords by masquerading as a trustworthy entity. In most cases, bank customers receive an email containing a link that redirects to fraudulent webpages designed to deceive innocent cardholders into disclosing their data (under threat of the card otherwise being locked). Often, the scammers claim to be a bank or credit card company (e.g. Visa or MasterCard) in order to gain trust. No serious company would ever send you email requesting that you provide the card number, the three-digit security code on the back of the card, or secret PIN codes or passwords. In the event that you receive such email, please do not click on any links in them. Also, never respond to such email but instead delete them unread. If you inadvertently disclosed data, please contact your customer service representative.