Dear customer,

as of September 1st 2015 the Terms of business for Electronic Banking (TBEB) will be changed.

With an easier and more accurate wording the understandability of the following items will be improved:

Changing the Wording form „Terms of business for Electronic Banking“ to „Terms of business for netbanking” (TBN).

  • General – 3 Diligence:
    Wording optimization of reasons for a potential deactivation of customer’s access by the bank without prior consultation.
  • General – 6 Amendment of the General terms of business:
    Clarification of the potential ways to notify about planned amendments of the General terms of business
  • netbanking – 1.1:
    Description of netbanking’s range of functions
  • netbanking – 1.2:
    Indication of the customer’s possibilities to use the netbanking credentials

A preview of the new TBN can be found here.

Until September 1st, 2015 you can submit a written objection to the improvements of the TBN at any Erste Bank or Sparkasse branch.

From September 1st, 2015 you indicate that you accept the new TBN by logging into netbanking.

Please confirm that you have received this information by clicking the „Read“ button at the end of the german netbanking information.

Kind regards,

Your netbanking team