(Plus home loan savings account)

  • 1.5 % state bonus
  • Variable interest rate (3% for the first 12 months, then between 0.75 – 4%)
  • Term six years
  • Right to a low-cost home loan

Anyone looking for particularly high returns when saving for a future home would be well advised to open a Plus-Bausparen (Plus home loan savings account). The interest rate is not fixed for the entire term of the loan but is adjusted once a year in line with interest rate movements.

If interest rates go up, so does the rate on your home loan savings account. Of course, the rate may decline, as well. Depending on market trends it can vary between 0.75% at its lowest and all of 4 % during a high interest rate phase.The initial interest rate for the first 12 months after concluding your new home loan savings agreement is 3 %. Including the 3 % state bonus the effective rate of interest after investment income withholding tax is approx. 1.5% per annum.