Portfolio analysis

Portfolio analysis — a professional check-up for your investments

Just like your car, your investment portfolio should go in for a regular service at least once a year. Investment professionals look over the composition of your portfolio with you to make sure that it still reflects current market assessments and your personal expectations.

The aim of the analysis is either to increase the potential returns without affecting the risk or to achieve equal returns at reduced risk.

Erste Bank’s portfolio analysis process is as follows:

1. Determining the investment strategy
Together with your personal banking adviser you determine your investment objectives and strategy, taking your personal investor profile into account.

2. Portfolio evaluation
Then your existing securities holdings (the securities in your deposit account at Erste Bank and those at other banks that you make known to us) are evaluated to see whether they match your objectives and strategy.

3. Portfolio optimisation
You receive a computer aided investment and portfolio rebalancing proposal from which specific buy and sell recommendations can be derived. You are shown in diagrammatic form how your assets would be weighted if the recommended transactions were carried out. You also receive a risk/return forecast for the recommendations.

4. Information to base your decisions on
In addition to the analysis you receive information on the various investment products including performance data.

Take advantage of our professional analysis service to optimise your investment portfolio with the assistance of your personal banking adviser. Make an appointment for personal service.