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Would you like to build your own home? Buy a condominium or turn an attic into living space? Improve or renovate your home? Then you need a personal financing concept – and that comes from us. With these products:

Loan with the
highest flexibility,
with mortgage
With fixed interest
rate and upper limit
on interest rate
For loans without
Interim financing
 s Wohn Kredits Bauspardarlehens Komfort
Wohn Kredit
PurposeBuying, building, renovating own propertyBuying (also cooperative flat), building, renovatingFor flats, cooperative flats, and council flats, security deposit/ fittings and furnishings, etc.
Interim financing
TermUp to 30 yearsUp to 30 yearsUp to 20 yearsUp to 2 years
Interest rate
EURIBOR-tied fixed interest rate, index-linked
Fixed interest rate, according to the current offerEURIBOR-tied fixed interest rate, index-linkedEURIBOR-tied, index-linked
Interest rate
Max. 15 years fixed interest rate or interest rate cap*Fixed interest rate, interest rate cap of 6 % (acc. to GTC) for 20 years plus allocation periodMax. 15 years fixed interest rateNone
RepaymentMonthly, quarterly, or semi-annually
MonthlyMonthly, quarterly, or semi-annuallyFlexible, by the end of the term at the latest
Maximum loan
UnlimitedUp to EUR 180,000 per person

What‘s more, there are also subsidies:
The Federation, states, and communities offer a variety of them. Every state has different laws – you can obtain information from the respective office. Your customer service representative will be glad to assist you.

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General information about residential property loans for consumers: Click here

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