netbanking Finance Manager –
keeping track of your finances

Your personal income and spending’s at a glance. What are you spending your money for? What’s the development of your spending’s and income? The Finance Manager knows all about it.

Your advantages:

  • Overview
    Income and spending’s in easy-to-understand charts.
  • Time advantage
    Most transactions pre-categorized automatically.
  • Stay informed
    Development of your last month’s income and spending‘s.

That’s what the Finance Manager can do for you:

  • Analysis of income and spending’s of your giro accounts and credit cards (s Kreditkarten).
  • Displayed as pie chart (% distribution) or bar chart (history).
  • The according transactions are listed or displayed in a calendar or even grouped by payment partners (cloud view).

Activate now:
Login to netbanking and activate the Finance Manager with TAC-SMS or TAN.