Security in mobile netbanking and netbanking apps usage

We understand security to mean the safeguarding of netbanking against the unauthorised reading and unauthorised viewing of your data, as well as prohibited transactions.

In order to achieve this goal we have put a large number of measures into place which ensure the protection of your data during transmission as well as the protection of your data in the computing centre.

Naturally, security issues are also given priority in mobile netbanking and netbanking apps.

That’s why all our security measures, such as data encryption, apply here as well.

Your help is also needed to achieve a secure total system, by protecting your data on the smartphone for example. 

  • Do not save any authorisation data or passwords on your smartphone. Of course, this applies especially to netbanking access authorisation.
  • Some smartphones are unlocked with the aid of help programmes (known as ‘jailbreaks’, ‘rooting’, etc.). Unfortunately, in this case some of the operating system’s security functions are no longer active. For that reason we cannot recommend mobile netbanking and netbanking apps  usage for smartphones of this kind.
  • If respected manufacturers offer programmes for your smartphone’s operating system to protect against malware (such as antivirus programmes) then we recommend that you try these.

If you use our netbanking on a PC, use of the TAC-SMS procedure for authorising transactions offers the best possible security standard due to the two separate communication channels. 

For mobile use of the TAC-SMS procedure both the application and TAC-SMS transmission go through the smartphone.

For this reason, a daily limit on authorisations using the TAC-SMS procedure via mobile netbanking is being introduced as a new security parameter!

  • The TAC-SMS daily limit only applies to netbanking use of smartphones - as before, there is no limit on netbanking usage via the PC!
  • This TAC-SMS daily limit can be modified - increased or decreased - via PC-based netbanking according to your needs.
  • A 0 entry would mean that it is not possible to make transfer requests via mobile netbanking
  • The TAC-SMS daily limit only applies to transfer requests made and approved via mobile netbanking, not for the use of existing submittals or your own transfers   

Important note:
The netbanking app of Erste Bank and Sparkassen – as well as all further updates – is available ONLY at “google play”, the official android app store of google!!