The latest from the most modern account

The account that anticipates the future: s Komfort account

Modern apps and innovative services make the s Komfort account Austria’s most modern account.

If you like netbanking and the handy netbanking app, then you’ll love the new QuickCheck app.

  • Quickly check your account balance at any time – with Easy Access, also without username and password.
  • Watchdog lets you know about important account movements using push submissions
  • Using Friendbank, you can immediately see who owes you money and how much

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For people who want to keep informed about all details: Finanz Manager
How much money are you actually spending, and on what?

Finanz Manager in netbanking offers you a clearly structured overview of all transactions in your accounts and on s Kreditkarten. Particularly useful: Disbursements and deposits are automatically presorted into categories – such as household, car, and leisure.

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