Geo-Control –
even more security for your BankCard

Starting 15 December 2014, your BankCard is protected even better against misuse outside of Europe.

In general, Erste Bank und Sparkassen use the highest level of security for BankCards. However, an increasingly common form of misuse is so-called “skimming”, where manipulated ATMs are used to copy the card’s magnetic strip and obtain its PIN. The stolen data are then used to make cash withdrawals outside of Europe.

The free new function Geo-Control prevents this type of misuse.

Protection against skimming with Geo-Control

Geo-Control enables you to deliberately have cash withdrawals with your BankCard at your disposal without limitation only when you wish to do so. Thus, you have the ability to enable your card for worldwide use when needed.

This additional function is already being used successfully in several European countries. According to information provided by local banks and authorities, the number of reported instances of misuse there has been able to be significantly reduced and the security for cardholders improved even further.

Starting 15 December 2014, your BankCard will be automatically activated for Geo-Control. Thereafter, if you would like to use your card without limitation outside of Europe in connection with your personal card limit, you have the ability to deactivate the Geo-Control function for the duration of your stay abroad. Your BankCard is then enabled for cash withdrawals worldwide. After expiry of this period, the Geo-Control function is automatically reactivated.