s Kreditkarten statements online

s Kreditkarten now offer netbanking users even greater convenience: Just switch to online credit card statements and use the service at no charge!

How you benefit: 

  • Automatic notification by SMS or email that your statement is available
  • All information about your charges available online at all times
  • Access from home or while on the road
  • Statements can be viewed for 13 months
  • Modern PDF file format (can be saved and thus stored electronically)
  • Cancel paper statements and reduce environmental impact

How it works:

  • Log in to netbanking 
  • On the “Cards” tab, select the relevant s Kreditkarte
  • Change statement type by clicking the button “Monthly statement via netbanking” 

Once you’ve switched to electronic monthly statements, you'll no longer receive them by mail. However, you can change the type of delivery again at any time.