s Kapital Sparen

You invest an one-off amount for a certain term. In so doing, you benefit from the attractive, guaranteed interest rate. Nevertheless, you can decide to withdraw limited amounts any time and as often as you like. Not the final interest rate but the term-based interest rate then applies to these amounts.

  • Starting with a deposit of 100 euros
  • Term of 6 months
  • Limite amounts can be withdrawn any time and as often as necessary*
  • The interest rate guarantee continues to apply for the remaining account balance
  • No account-keeping fee

You are free to choose either a passbook or a savings account for s Kapital Sparen. Once you have opened a savings account, you get to manage your account balance in all direct-access foyers of Erste Bank and Sparkassen from 05:00 to 24:00 and in netbanking.


*s Kapital Sparen: Accrued interest is credited at the end of the term and upon withdrawal. For amounts withdrawn before the term expires, a term-based interest rate is applicable – the fixed interest rate continue to apply for the remaining account balance.