Der Klassiker
(Classic home loan savings account)

  • 1.5 % state bonus
  • 1.25% fixed interest rate
  • Six-year term
  • Right to a low-cost home loan

A home loan savings agreement is a safe and lucrative investment. There is no other way to obtain such high returns over such a short period on a risk-free investment.

The rate of interest on your home loan savings is an attractive 1.25 % p.a., and you also receive the home loan savings bonus which is tied to Austrian money market trends. When interest rates rise your bonus, and hence your returns increase. The bonus ranges between 1.60 – 2.26%.

Your home loan is already reserved

As a home loan saver you also benefit from the offer of a loan at particularly attractive terms. Do you dream of a place in the country, have long-held plans to renovate your home, or want to buy the flat nextdoor that has just gone on the market? Variable maturities of between 10–30 years and low rates could soon make your dreams come true.