(Bonus home loan savings account)

  • 3.5% state bonus
  • Variable interest rate (3.0% for the first 12 months + 10% interest bonus)
  • Term ten years
  • Right to a low-cost home loan

With a Bonus home loan savings account you can save for ten years instead of six, and as a special extra you get a 10% interest rate bonus for the entire term of the agreement. But there is no problem if you need the money earlier. You can terminate the agreement after six years, and your Bonus account will simply be converted into a variable rate home loan savings account.

You gain three times over with a Bonus home loan savings account

3% interest
The initial interest rate for the first 12 months after opening your new home loan savings account is 3%. The interest rate is variable: It is adjusted once a year to reflect market trends.

3.5% state bonus
The bonus is calculated according to the amount saved . The more you save, the higher the premium and hence your overall returns. The bonus for 2010 is 3.5%.

10.0% interest bonus
This bonus is credited to your account each year and is retained provided you complete the ten-year term.