Saving typeMaturityInterest rate
s Komfort SparenImmediate access0.020 % *
s Komfort Sparen YouthImmediate access0.125 %**
s Kapital Sparen6 months0.100 %
s Kapital Sparen Select 12 months0.750 %***
s Plus Sparen6 monthsLevel 1:0.020 %
Level 2:0.020 %
Level 3:0.325 %
Level 4:0.500 %
Level 5:0.625 %
Level 6:1.000 %

The interest rates corresponds with the current market situation; subject to change. The interest rates of s Kapital Sparen are guaranteed for the respective product terms. All other interest rates are variable and shall be adjusted to any changes in the 3-month EURIBOR in accordance with the respective escalator clause.

Latest update: 01.04.2016

All amounts in euros.

* fixed interest rate, daily maturity
** max. account balance is EUR 2.000,-
*** s Kapital Sparen Select combines a 12-month capital savings with a fixed interest rate of 0.750 % p.a. and an investments in ESPA funds.