Family sitting on stairss Privat-Pension
- Your individual pension plan

  • Guaranteed benefits
  • Flexible plan design
  • Lifelong pension payments
  • Exemption from investment income withholding tax

Guaranteed provident savings
Select your individual pension plan, tailored to your needs.

The pension gap is yawning wider all the time. If a state pension is your only source of income you may not have the means to fulfil cherished plans and ambitions.

Enjoy life to the full during your retirement. An s Privat-Pension personal pension gives you the firm financial foundations you need for this. You know the guaranteed amount of your s Privat-Pension from the word go. You have control over the amount of your pension, when the pension payments start and the design of the plan.

You can choose between:

  • A standard s Privat-Pension
  • A state subsidised s Privat-Pension mit Prämienplus
  • A fund linked s Privat-Pension

Tailor your s Privat-Pension to your own requirements and look forward to a lifelong, guaranteed pension.