TransActionCode via SMS (TAC-SMS)

A TransAktionsCode via SMS (TAC-SMS) lets you authorise transfers and other transactions with a minimum of fuss. Available as an alternative to transaction numbers (TAN),the TAC-SMS sent by text message, for maximum security and user friendliness.

Advantages of signing with a TAC-SMS

  • You no longer need TAN lists
  • Before you authorise a transaction we send a numerical code (known as a TAC SMS) that is only valid for a few minutes to your mobile phone 
  • To complete a transaction you require the TAC-SMS only.

How to set up TAC-SMS payments

To set up a TAC-SMS, please follow the instructions displayed on the information page. Navigate to -SMS/TAN-Administration -> Activate TAC-SMS

Step 1:
Start by entering the country code, followed by the prefix of the mobile phone operator and your individual mobile phone number, e.g. +43 664 9999999.
Confirm the number by clicking the “Request TAC-SMS" button.

Step 2:
On the next page, enter the TAC-SMS you were given and the requested TAN in the relevant fields and complete the entries by clicking the "Request activation code” button.
You will be sent a letter containing the activation code (10 digits, alphanumeric) by post. Please note that the activation code is only valid for 5 bank days.

Step 3:
Once you have received the letter with the activation code, click menu item TAC-SMS/TAN administration and select "Activate TAC-SMS mobile phone number”.
Please enter the activation code you obtained (note that the code is case sensitive), then mark the tick box to indicate that you agree to the Terms and Conditions and click the button "Activate TAC-SMS" - finished!

Please note:
Your customer adviser in your Erste Bank or Sparkasse branch can also provide immediate TAC-SMS activation, help you change your mobile phone number or delete the TAC-SMS mode

How to use your TAC

  • At the end of the input mask used to make a transfer or other transaction click on the “Request TAC SMS” button 
  • A TAC-SMS will be sent to your mobile phone immediately, free of charge 
  • All you have to do is enter the four-digit TAC-SMS sent to your phone – send – finished!

The info tour provides additional information on how to use the service, and details of online activation and its advantages.