Advantages for business customers

As a business customer, the introduction of SEPA will provide you with many new opportunities:

  • As a dealer, you will be able to accept credit cards and ATM cards from all customers in SEPA. This will make it even easier for your customers to make cashless payments.
  • If you offer your services within the SEPA boundaries, you can directly debit your receivables from your customer’s account across borders using a direct debiting order. This will improve your liquidity planning and you will avoid tardy payments.  
  • If, in the past, you have had several current accounts with foreign banks, you will need only your Erste Bank or Sparkasse account in future. This account will enable you to handle all your Euro payment transactions in SEPA easily and quickly – regardless of whether they are bank transfers or debit entries.  
  • The time transfers take will be reduced.
  • Fees will be invoiced separately and no longer deducted from the transfer fee. This will make your bookkeeping more efficient.  
  • Standardised domestic and foreign payment transactions through the use of the new XML format ISO 20022 (for more information go to the STUZZA homepage).