Single Euro Payments Area

SEPA is a project launched by the banks of Europe and stands for Single Euro Payments Area. The project goal is to create a single European payments area. This will allow for the handling of future bank transfers, debit entries and card payments across borders – just as quickly and conveniently as domestic payments in each respective home country.

The new Single Euro Payments Area (=SEPA) will include 31 countries: the 27 EU countries plus Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.

The countries of the new Single Euro Payments Area  

The introduction of SEPA offers numerous advantages:

Advantages for entrepreneurs  

See here for more information on the schedule for the SEPA implementation:


The Erste Bank expert for payment transactions, Jean-Yves Jacquelin, represents Austria in the EPC (European Payments Council in Brussels). What this means for you as a client of Erste Bank: You receive first-hand information. Read his expert comment here:

Expert comment by Jean-Yves Jacquelin  

For more Information on SEPA, go to the website of the European Central Bank. You can read up more about the following topics here:

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European Central bank  

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