European Transfers

International cash transfers include:

  • Cross-border payments
  • Foreign currency payments in Austria

  • Payments in Austria where at least one participant is a non-resident

Please see below for special conditions for transfers between Erste Bank and its foreign subsidiaries

Two types of low-cost transfers are available within Europe. Certain conditions have to be met in both cases:

 European transferEU standard transfer
Maximum amount
(in EUR)
Transaction currencyCHF to Switzerland
GBP to the United Kingdom
SEK to Sweden
NOK to Norway
DKK to Denmark
Mandatory informationBeneficiary’s account number
Beneficiary bank sortcode
Payee’s IBAN
Beneficiary bank’s BIC
Other conditionsNo cash payments
no express payments
no checks
EUR account of payer
Payee bank in the EU
Allocation of bank Domestic charges borne by the payer
Foreign charges borne by the payee
ChargesLower than for other international payment methodsDomestic rate