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s Visa Card First and s MasterCard First give you complete independence — wherever you go in the world. And you can use your card for phone or online payments — for hotel reservations, train and event tickets, and much else besides.

  • Make cashless payments at over 31 million Visa acceptance locations around the world, including some 100,000 shops, restaurants, hotels, filling stations, car parks, ticket offices, taxis, etc. in Austria.
  • Make withdrawals from over 450,000 bank branches and over 1.4 million cash dispensers around the globe — wherever you see the Visa or MasterCard sign.
  • Pay up to six weeks later and enjoy interest rate savings as compared to cash payments (exception cash withdrawals).
  • Receive monthly consolidated account statements. We provide you with regular, detailed payments information.
  • Keep track of your payments and settlement transactions whenever you want on www.netbanking.at — so you always know where you are.
  • Enjoy superior card protection: in the event of loss or theft your liability until the loss report is received is limited to just 72.67 Euro. And we issue a replacement card immediately (at home and abroad) and make an emergency cash advance if necessary.
  • Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode offer secure payment via internet

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