Commercial export credits

We offer exporters the following forms of finance:

This is the purchase by a bank of specific export receivables without recourse to the seller (the exporter); the cash value of the receivables is paid immediately. If the foreign debt defaults the bank has no recourse to the exporter. Forfaiting thus has insurance and financing aspects, and takes the transaction off the exporter’s balance sheet.

This involves the financing of a company’s unpaid invoices by a factor (a specialist finance company). Up to 80% of the invoice value is advanced at once, and the balance when payment is received. The factor assumes responsibility for the exporter’s receivables management operations, and may also take on its credit (default) risk, depending on the agreement.

Buyer credit loan
This is a loan extended by an exporter’s principal bank to a foreign importer which must use the funds to pay its liabilities to the exporter. A well thought-out financing package is often the key to winning an export order.