Real estate leasing

Real estate leasing is an attractive form of finance that combines the advantages of renting and ownership without stretching your credit limits. Thanks to our extensive experience we can come up with the ideal financing solution for every kind of transaction and development.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Liquidity
    Since the property is entirely debt financed you are not obliged to tie up working capital. Moreover, sale and leaseback finance can unlock hidden reserves and generate cash for your company.
  • Balance sheet neutrality
    When you lease a building you are not obliged to recognise it as an asset (off balance sheet accounting). This improves your overall RoCE whilst leaving gearing unchanged. 
  • Flexibility
    The wide range of financing options open to us respond to your individual requirements. The agreement can be tailored to your financial situation and the special features of the property. 
  • VAT savings
    Leasing results in effective cost reductions if your company is not entitled to input tax deductions. Reduced management workload
    Apart from the financial side of the deal we can also assume responsibility for additional services (e.g. construction