Equipment leasing

Investment is crucial to companies’ ability to keep abreast with the technological state-of-the-art and maintain their competitive edge. Equipment leasing is a modern way to paying for movable assets of all kinds.

With this form of finance the decision to purchase equipment results in no up-front costs for the lessee. Instead, the cost of the investment is repaid from cash flow in the form of leasing instalments over the agreed term of the contract. There is a choice of a number of different types of contract to enable you to match the solution to your requirements.

s Leasing offers lucrative advantages for companies, professionals and the public sector.

  • Tax advantages
    Leasing accelerates the tax depreciation of your investment. And the lease instalments can be claimed in full as operating expenses.
  • Liquidity
    Leasing gives you more financial freedom — your capital is available for other investments.
  • Accounting standards
    Immorent’s leasing products comply with international standards, and are an ideal means of optimising financial ratios by using off balance sheet finance.
  • “Use it, don’t buy it!”
    The investment cost of the equipment is evenly spread over most of its useful life
  • Flexibility
    You adjust the lease instalments to your financial circumstances in consultation with your personal adviser.