s Gründer Konto

Company founders can enjoy double savings – with the s Gründer Konto. This account is an exclusive package that combines a commercial account with company insurance.

Save on transactions:

A business account is a core element of your finances. Profit from the exclusive conditions for the s Gründer Konto.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Account management fee 50% lower in the first year
  • BankCard free for the first year
  • Netbanking free for the first year

Save on insurance

Comprehensive insurance protection is essential for a young company. Protect yourself from operational risks such as fire, storm, mains water and burglary, including vandalism and glass breakage. 

All advantages at a glance:

  • No premium in the first three months
  • Protection for all operational equipment
  • Includes protection from business interruption
  • Includes public liability and legal insurance
  • Replacement value covered in the event of a claim

For more information and comprehensive advice regarding the s Gründer Konto contact your customer advisor or visit a GO! GründerCenter.

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