Bonus Konto Kommerz

Do you dream of a company account that earns you money with every transaction? Bonus Konto Kommerz at Erste Bank rewards your firm from the first transaction!


Product type:

Payment account for commercial customers


- Account processing
- Individual electronic banking solutions
- Statement and turnover information for all credits and debits
- Direct debit service
- Card service for BankCard and credit cards
- Cash logistics



Interest rate:



How is Bonus Konto Kommerz different from traditional payment accounts?

We will give you cash for each transaction – whether it is carried out electronically or on paper: for transfers, credits, debits, SEPA payments, self-deposit etc. The only exceptions are international payments, deposit fees for self-deposit notes and lines of text delivered electronically.

How much is your bonus?  

Five cents are credited to your account for each payment transaction. How will your bonus be credited? You will be credited the total for all transactions carried out shortly after each account settlement.

Are you interested?  

Would you like to move to Erste Bank? We will carry out the account change free of charge: – we contact your previous bank – we arrange closing that account – and we support you in the installation of your master data.