s Betriebspension:
Motivation for your employees

Collective company insurance (s Betriebspension) offers companies the opportunity of investing up to 10.25% of the gross salary of each employee in an s Betriebspension.

Your advantages:

  • More attractive than a wage rise from a tax point of view
  • Guaranteed pension payment in the payout phase
  • You display social competence as an entrepreneur

The details:

The s Betriebspension is a group pension insurance that can be agreed within the framework of the collective company insurance. It is equivalent to pension fund solutions with regard to tax. This means, for example, that insurance tax is only 2.5% (instead of 4 %). Furthermore your employees can increase the resulting pension by making their own contributions. 

Conversion within the company is easy: before agreeing an s Betriebspension plan it is necessary to complete a company or individual agreement(s) and a framework agreement for collective company insurance with s Versicherung. This agreement includes determination whether you would like to make provisions for all or only selected groups of employees – in accordance with objective and business-related criteria. 

Your customer advisor at Erste Bank would be pleased to provide you with information on this special form of company pension provision.