What we do for society

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) 
means realizing and living up to the responsibility that comes with being a large company and an active part of society. With over 50,000 employees and 3,200 branches in 8 countries we understand that our actions matter. If you are the kind of person who cares about how you impact your world, the environment and the people you work with, Erste Bank respectively Erste Group might just be the place for you.

Born to care
Acting responsibly and with regard for society is nothing new for this bank. In fact, what is now Erste Bank respectively Erste Group was founded as a savings bank to fight poverty in 1819. And we haven‘t closed our doors since then, providing financial services to create and distribute wealth and affluence in the region where we operate.

Don‘t just take our word for it – we‘re rated
Erste Bank respectively Erste Group´s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts and achievements are recognized in external sustainabililty and CSR ratings. The bank has been included in the Vienna Stock Exchange's sustainability index VÖNIX since its inception in 2008; in 2010, Erste Group shares were added to the ASPI Eurozone® index, which consists of the 120 best-rated companies in the euro zone and in 2011 Erste Group shares were added to the ESG World Leaders index as one of the 300 best rated companies in the world. Which is something to be proud of.

Aspects of responsible conduct
The Erste Bank respectively Erste Group way of banking is about evaluating and considering external views when reaching decisions to achieve sustainable business results. These views include those of our customers, civil society, the environment as well as our own staff and our investors. And we strive to build up and to maintain long-term partnerships with each of them.

An example how we live our responsibility arises from our initial idea:

Zweite Sparkasse (Second Savingsbank)
The Zweite Sparkasse (Second Savingsbank) is a revolutionary concept, offering a bank to the unbankable. Run exclusively by volunteering employees of Erste Group, the bank helps people who are not granted an account at regular banks anymore due to long-term unemployment, high depth or other personal catastrophes. Joining our 400 plus employees in this unique effort to re-integrate such individuals into society can be a meaningful experience that is rewarding for both you as an employee and the clients helped. Find out more at www.sparkasse.at/diezweitesparkasse.