Money with a meaning

You may take a job because you need to earn a living. But you keep your job because you like it there.

Which is why at Erste Bank we believe that work should also be fun, an interesting and challenging part of your life that helps you to develop and grow.

In short: we believe that earning money should have a deeper meaning. Such a meaningful work experience can come from many sources. We have identified 7 pillars on which rests the search for a deeper meaning at Erste Bank.

Doing something meaningful

Earning money can have a deeper meaning when what you do – the activity of your job itself – is interesting, satisfying, needed by someone and makes a difference. Here every job contributes to helping people lead better moneylives, which is a great thing to work for.

A human environment

Earning money can have a deeper meaning when people are always put first. When you are treated with respect and accepted, even wanted as a whole person with their own individual strengths and weaknesses. We appreciate the emotional aspects of the job and always strive to improve how people feel at work. Here you are seen not merely as a worker but as a person.

Being in charge/in command

Earning money can have a deeper meaning when you can make decisions, command the direction of your development, design your own career and have influence. This is a form of freedom, of empowerment of the individual employee and encouragement to take things into your own hands at Erste Bank. It‘s not always possible to offer everybody unlimited autonomy, but it is our goal to give you as much personal responsibility as possible.

Developing (personally & professionally)

Earning money can have a deeper meaning when you have a perspective for your career, when you can keep growing personally and professionally, when your job offers ongoing training, education and challenging experiences through the years. Whenever possible we try to offer you ways to develop.

Enjoying work

Earning money can have a deeper meaning when you enjoy going to work, when the atmosphere is good, team spirit is high and you get along well with your colleagues. You can tell people like it here by how long they stay!

Working for a dynamic employer

Earning money can have a deeper meaning when your employer is at the forefront of the market, offering state-of-the-art products and services; when the place where you work provides a challenging, encouraging, generally productive working environment; and when, therefore, your employer has a good reputation in the market and you can be proud of working there. When you work here, you work at one of the leading financial services providers in the Eastern part of the EU.

Contributing to society

Earning money can have a deeper meaning when you are working for a responsible, socially active employer, one that you can be proud of. Erste Bank supports many social, cultural and cross-boarder projects.