What you get

All jobs now with built-in benefits.

The best benefits we offer are built right into our jobs: knowing that each and everyone of us here at Erste Bank is contributing to helping our customers lead better moneylives. Beyond that we believe in a great working environment, where you can feel valued and appreciated, challenged to do your best work, but also rewarded for doing it. To this end Erste Bank offers coveted benefits that make your life easier, more comfortable and more integrated into one of the leading financial services providers in the Eastern EU.

  • Financial services
    Employees can take advantage of the benefits of a financial services company when planning their personal finances.
  • Life time
    Every period in life needs different conditions for a satisfying and healthy life. These are the targets of LIFETIME where we offer a wide range of programmes designed to promote employees’ physical and mental wellbeing. One example is a wide range of training courses for personal development such as “Flow – mit mentaler Kraft zu neuen Höhenflügen!”

    Our “work-life center” supports our employees in their Life balance offering on one hand advice regarding challenging circumstances in life (e.g. mediation and advice for partnerships, educational counselling) and on the other hand support in improving vitality and relaxation (e.g. courses like Yoga, Pilates, Nordic Walking).
  • Health Management
    The medical team in our “Work-health center” are focused on the physical health of our employees offering first aid, occupational health advice, vaccination programmes, Annual Health Check and much more.
  • Employer engagement Survey – You opinion counts for us!
    Our aim is to provide an environment in which employees are able to find this fulfillment. Employees who like doing their work and who get a buzz from their job are motivated and committed. As an employer, this is a major concern for us, as the engagement and commitment of our staff plays a vital role in the success of Erste Bank. We are therefore conducting a Group-wide survey to establish which factors have an impact on your engagement and whether we offer the right kind of working environment for you. By contributing to the survey, our employees receive back valuable results on Erste Group as an employer and have the possibility to benchmark the results with other employers.
  • Variable working time
    The objective of this working time agreement is to adapt working time to the requirements of Erste Bank Bank and the needs of the employees with a minimum of rules. With regard to trust-based working times, control or the electronic time and attendance system do not play a role, but this means, in relation to working time, that managers and employees must agree between themselves how to allocate working time. It is not about spending a defined amount of time at the workplace, but about delivering a result. This applies to customer service as much as to same-day transactions or project work. We offer for example Sabbatical, Part-time work for parents after maternity leave, gliding-retirement.
  • Family friendly initatives
    These include a variety of working time arrangements, mothers’ seminars, guidance on returning to work for employees on maternity oder paternity leave and care services for children, invalids and senior citizens.
  • Pension fund
    Erste Bank contributes given percentages of its employees’ basic salaries to an occupational pension fund.