How to apply successfully

Are you ready to make a good first impression? Here are some tips and requirements for your successful application at Erste Group. Please follow them carefully and make sure all your documents are in order and complete, including cover letter, CV and the relevant certificates. After all, your application is your personal calling card, convincing our recruiters to call you back immediately. Follow these guidelines and they just might.

Tip: Start your application process by studying this website. Here you will find our corporate philosophy, fields of work and activity and the current annual report. Make sure our way of banking suits your personality. It does? Then read on and apply with passion.

The cover letter
The cover letter is what sells you to our recruiters. Make sure it describes your own strengths, abilities and expectations accurately and gives an honest analysis of your own personality. Describe the reasons for your application and the important stages of your career development.

The cover letter should be concise, well-organised and conclusive. Do not exceed one sheet of paper. Do indicate the position for which you are applying and when you would be able to start work.

Curriculum vitae
Your CV should be clear and substantial, contain no gaps and complement the job profile of the position for which you are applying. When responding to English-language job advertisements, please write both cover letter and CV in English and follow the US/UK model of organising CVs in reverse chronological order. It is best to organise your curriculum vitae in tabular form and divide it into the sections Education/Studies, Job Experience/Practical Training and “Miscellaneous” (foreign languages, IT expertise, personal interests, etc.). You are welcome to attach a recent photo of yourself, ideally to the upper right-hand corner of your CV (JPEG format is best; note file size limitations).

Please avoid using informal jargon in your application and focus on an informative, clear cover letter. Creativity is welcome, too. The same applies to your CV.

Apply for jobs successfully online
For every vacancy posted you’ll see an “online application” button. With just one click you can start your job application. You’ll need about 5 to 10 minutes to complete it. In addition to this, you can set up your own personal profile and upload your own documents, such as personal statement, curriculum vitae, references etc.

The benefit to you: you can update your stored profile at any time using your personal login and password, and can thus keep your job application documentation up-to-date at all times.

Further steps in the application process
Immediately after submitting your online application you will receive confirmation from us that it has been received. Please allow some time for the recruiters to make their initial candidate selection. We will make every effort to give you feedback on the status of your application and on the next steps as fast as possible.

If you have applied in response to a specific job advertisement, your application will undergo preliminary screening by our recruiter, who will check whether your personal background matches up with the job profile. If they match well, we will forward your documents to the responsible manager of the relevant department who will hopefully invite you to an interview.

We advise you to apply primarily for the advertised positions.

The Job interview
Based on your application you may be invited for an initial interview. Please note: it is considered essential to appear to the interview on time. The job interview will involve a discussion of your personality, opinions, attitudes and experiences. We will also analyse how well you might fit in with the advertised position and adapt to our Group. In some cases, a second interview will be held. After the second interview, at the latest, we will decide whether we can offer you the position.

The purpose of these interviews is to allow us to become acquainted and determine whether we are right for one another: the right applicant for the company and the right company for the applicant. Since we know you put a lot of time and energy into it we consider it common courtesy to let you know the outcome of your application either way.

Special treatment
Other selection methods besides the aforementioned interviews like our assessment centre, tests or case studies may be used in certain cases, e.g. trainee programmes for college graduates. In the case of managerial positions, you will also undergo a hearing by a top management committee.

At all times during your application process we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the advertised job or the status of your application.