Local Career Management

We set great store by providing our employees with ongoing opportunities of continuing education and training. On the strength of our excellent curricular structure, we are able to take in consideration every employee's individual needs. Through an internal platform we are offering training courses, seminars, workshops and e-learning for professional and personal development and offer special conferences for state-of-the-art topics.

With our career model you can plan your career independently and easily. Every manager creates with his or her employee an individual development and training plan- depending on experience and existing knowledge. The training is on the job accompanied by seminars, teaching material (e- learning) and workshops. Your learning partner provides support during the whole process.

We promote expert and leadership careers in order to foster talents for the long run. We support employees who show high potential for career growth by offering them development activities and programmes that prepare them for the next-level. By doing this, we focus on  “just in time” training instead of “all-the-time” training.
We employ modern techniques to assess individual strengths and preferences which then serve as input for individual talent’s development plan. This makes our initiatives more relevant and beneficial for both, the employee and the company.

Training for bank advisor (=AZUBI) - for all newcomers in sales with no experiences in the banking and finance sector:

You will get an one year standardized training which prepares you personally and professionally for your future functions.

During the whole training you get a learning partner. The concept is based on learning on the job, workshops, e- learning and more. You will do a lot of exercises together with other trainees. The first half- year you will be in a learning-branch and you don´t have customer responsibility. You will help your learning partner with his customers and learn all the service skills in the field. In the second half-year you will work in your future branch and you will use all the skills you learned the first half year. After the 12 months you start as an independent bank advisor in one of our branches.

One of the most important tasks of our managers is to successfully lead their employees and teams. We offer a comprehensive leadership coaching. This supports our managers individually in dealing with challenging and demanding leadership situations with their team and single team members.

Within every organisation, change constantly takes place: competencies and processes are restructured, teams are merged, split or newly created. This is often accompanied with uncertainty and the strong need to understand the purpose of the change. For this reason, a special Change Management support is offered within the Holding, both for managers and their affected teams. The offers are always tailor-made to the concrete situation and usually consist of a change architecture, concrete measures for the managers and their teams and follow-up activities.

Erste Group‘s Personal Development College (PDC) is based on our strategic competency matrix. This College is supporting our employees to develop important social skills, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience. Our PDC is open to all employees both in management and non-management positions.

What if time could be put into an account by those who have it, and withdrawn by those who desperately need it? Erste Time Bank is an innovative project that allows Erste Group employees to donate one of the most valuable currencies in the world: time. It‘s simple, it‘s meaningful and every employee can make a huge difference by doing hands-on volunteer work at NGOs like Caritas, Hilfswerk and other important members of society. Don‘t waste time. Put it in the bank.

The Zweite Sparkasse (Second Savingsbank) is a revolutionary concept, offering a bank to the unbankable. Run exclusively by volunteering employees of Erste Group, the bank helps people who are not granted an account at regular banks anymore due to long-term unemployment, high dept or other personal catastrophes. Joining our 400 plus employees in this unique effort to re-integrate such individuals into society can be a meaningful experience that is rewarding for both you as an employee and the clients helped.

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