Data protection/security

Warning on counterfeit e-mails (“phishing”)

We are currently receiving a growing number of reports of fraudulent e-mails demanding that the recipients submit personal customer data and passwords. The senders usually falsely claim to be large, well-known companies such as banks.

Please note that Erste Bank and the Sparkassen Group never request passwords or customer details via e-mail.
Erste Bank and the Sparkassen Group will take legal action against unauthorised senders of e-mails in their names.

What is phishing?

So-called “phishing” — the word comes from “password fishing” — uses counterfeit e-mails to gain possession of confidential customer data and passwords.Unfortunately, an increase in this type of criminal internet activity has recently been observed.

The e-mails call on users to divulge or update personal and confidential data. In some cases they also contain links to counterfeit websites that look like the sites of well-known companies or banks, so as to lure users into logging in.

Please ignore such requests.
No reputable company will ask for passwords, credit card numbers or other particulars, or call on you to update your customer data via e-mail.

We offer you a secure means of updating some customer data — contact details such as addresses — yourself from inside netbanking where necessary.

Security at branches

People — customers and employees — come first for us, especially when improved security at Erste Bank and Sparkassen Group branches is at stake.

Unfortunately criminals are increasingly targeting Austrian banks. Bank and cash dispenser robberies are soaring. The clear-up rate for such crimes is consistently high, and two-thirds of the offenders are arrested with the help of information from bank employees and security systems (video recordings).

Erste Bank and the Sparkassen Group take many preventive measures to protect and inform their customers and employees.

There is never more cash at branches than is absolutely needed for day-to-day business. Please notify your personal banking adviser in advance if you are planning to withdraw a large amount.

- Our alarm systems are directly connected to the police.
- All branches and foyers have video surveillance systems.
- In case of emergency you can use the telephone in the foyer to alert our service centre.
- In the event of the loss or theft of your card (BankCard, ProfitCard, spark7Card, MasterCard, VisaCard or American Express) you can ring our emergency service on 05010050133 (all calls charged at local rate) and have it blocked.
- All our staff receive security training.
- We check and upgrade our security standards on an ongoing basis.
- Patrols and surveillance by the police and private security firms have been stepped up.

We never stop working to make our branches and foyers as safe as possible for