Strengthening sales

The Erste Bank focuses on private customers, corporate customers and public authorities. With its multi award-winning subsidiaries, it offers all financial products under one roof.


The simplification of internal processes, and a customer sector-oriented sales concept, enables streamlined sales structures and flexible reactions to changing customer needs and economic turnarounds. The Erste Bank considers itself a retail bank, and for 190 years has represented the savings banks’ philosophy: Belief in local markets and local customer needs. The customers will find the decision-makers for their monetary transactions on site – at their local bank, not in a distant corporate head office.

This decentralised sales structure and local base guarantees stable relations – we know and trust our customers, and develop customised products to suit their needs. We create these easily, and clearly communicate and risks and benefits. In order to offer professional support, we train our sales staff into experts, who assist our customers with home building – from the housing subsidy request to the energy check – as well as with starting up a business or selecting the suitable pension funds.